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EXTINCTIONS CHOICE - Fabulous Fern Plate
Stock Number  FPFPA787

Name:    Fabulous Fern Plate
Age:  Pennsylvanian
Formation:  Llewellyn Formation
Location:  Near St. Clair, Pennsylvania
Size:  Plate is 18.4 inches across!
Price:  SOLD

This is a HUGE plate of spectacular fossil Seed Ferns from the classic St. Clair, Pennsylvania locality. The Seed Ferns are preserved as a thin film of white pyrophyllite on black shale. The plate has many fronds intact, which are preserved in many different orientations. The fossil ferns exhibit wonderful detail - the individual leaflets of the fronds are clearly defined. The fossils have outstanding natural color and contrast and are well showcased on the huge (over a foot and a half across!), natural plate of shale. There are also nice ferns on the back side of the plate. And there is even a BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW OF COLOR in the center of the plate - FULLY NATURAL! (see photo, but you really must see it in person...spectacular!). This is an extremely collectible and displayable plate of distinct Coal Age fossils from Pennsylvania.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.