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Very Distinct Split Ammonite from Madagascar
Stock Number  XIAMA185

Name:    Unidentified Ammonite
Age:  Cretaceous
Formation:  Albian
Location:  Madagascar
Size:  Ammonite is 4 inches across
Price:  $49.00

Here is a very pretty ammonite from the Cretaceous of Madagascar. This thick-bodied ammonite has been cut in half, and both halves have been polished to make for a beautiful display. The coiling pattern of the mollusk and the individual body chambers of the cephalopod are both easily seen. Some of the body chambers are hollow and filled with crystals. The outside of the ammonite has a distinct ribbing and suture pattern, which is wonderfully displayed. This is a very striking example of an unusual type of ammonite from the exotic island of Madagascar.