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Very Colorful Nymboceras septum Ammonite
Stock Number  XIAMA733

Name:    Nymboceras septum
Age:  Cretaceous
Formation:  Albian
Location:  Madagascar
Size:  Ammonite is 3.3 inches across
Price:  $29.00

This is a very colorful specimen of Nymboceras septum from the Cretaceous of Madagascar. This 3-dimensional ammonite has been removed from the surrounding matrix and highly polished on both sides. The tiny inner whorls of the lenticular ammonite are easily seen, and the intricate suture pattern is beautifully displayed. The cream-colored suture lines contrast wonderfully with the brown shell of the cephalopod. The detail of the ammonite, the complex suture pattern, and the exquisite color make this a very nice ammonite specimen. (The white spots are in the photo and not on the specimen.)