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Large, Detailed Red Coral Colony from Morocco
Stock Number  XICO712

Name:    Pachyphyllum sp.
Age:  Devonian
Formation:  Coral Deposits
Location:  Morocco
Size:  Coral is 4.4 inches tall
Price:  $49.00

This is a great example of a colonial coral. It is a very distinct specimen of Pachyphyllum sp. from the Devonian of Morocco. The large fossil has been extracted from the surrounding matrix so that it can be viewed from all angles. This colonial coral is quite 3-dimensional and shows excellent detail. The individual corallites are beautifully exhibited. On the other side of the specimen, the structure of the colony is easily seen. The pinkish-orange color of the fossil makes for a striking display. This is a very fine example of a fossil colonial coral.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.