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Three-Dimensional Stromatolite - Single Cell
Stock Number  XISTR396

Name:    Mound Stromatolite
Age:  Cretaceous
Formation:  Stromatolite Beds
Location:  Saf-Saf, Morocco
Size:  Stromatolite is 3.2 inches tall
Price:  $35.00

Here is an interesting fossil. It is a nice, single stromatolite from the Cretaceous of Morocco. Authorities believe that stromatolites were formed by masses of green or blue-green algae, or ''cyanobacteria''. This ''mound'' specimen is very robust and exhibits the layered pattern of deposition in wonderful fashion. Most stromatolites are extremely massive structures - this specimen is just perfect for a shelf or cabinet. This is a great example of a whole, 3-dimensional stromatolite.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.