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Large Asaphus lepidurus Centered on Matrix
Stock Number  TTRAS702

Name:    Asaphus lepidurus
Age:  Lower Ordovician
Formation:  Kunda Level
Location:  Near St. Petersburg, Russia
Size:  Trilobite is 2.8 inches long
Price:  $299.00

This is a fine example of an uncommon trilobite. It is a complete Asaphus lepidurus from Russia. This type of trilobite is from the Kunda Level, meaning it is older in geologic age than most of the large-eyed Russian trilobites you see. Asaphus lepidurus has small eyes - this trilobite showcases this feature beautifully. The bug has great color and fine detail - it is a very clean example. The large trilobite displays very well on the very aesthetic matrix plate. This is a very nice specimen of this early Asaphid trilobite.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.