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Nice Gold Basin Meteorite in Display Case
Stock Number  NETMET711

Name:    Gold Basin Meteorite
Age:  Found - Nov. 24, 1995
Location:  Kingman, Arizona
Size:  Meteorite is 5.1 grams
Price:  $49.00

Here is a genuine meteorite that fell from outer space. This Gold Basin meteorite is from a rare documented fall and was found on Nov. 24, 1995 in Arizona. This meteorite is an Ordinary Chondrite (L4). The shape of this meteorite is quite nice and fully natural. The meteorite comes is a large 3.3" X 4.4" glass-topped display case. This is a very unique piece of the history of the universe - what a conversation piece!

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.