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Very Striking Cleoniceras with Detailed Sutures
Stock Number  XIAMA720

Name:    Cleoniceras cleon
Age:  Cretaceous
Formation:  Albian
Location:  Madagascar
Size:  Ammonite is 3.2 inches across
Price:  $35.00

Here is a cool specimen of Cleoniceras cleon from the Cretaceous of Madagascar. This distinct ammonite is extremely detailed and quite 3-dimensional in preservation. Both sides of the sharp-keeled ammonite have been polished to reveal the intricate suture pattern of the cephalopod. The ornate suture pattern is wonderfully displayed on both sides - the white sutures are quite striking against the dark-brown shell of the ammonite. This is a displayable example of Cleoniceras from the Cretaceous. (The white streak is in the photo and not on the specimen.)