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Nice, Distinct Etched Muonionalusta Meteorite
Stock Number  NETMET707

Name:    Etched Muonionalusta Meteorite
Age:  Found in 1906
Location:  Norrbotten, Sweden
Size:  Meteorite is 1.55 inches diagonal (20.6 grams)
Price:  $69.00

Here is a very unusual celestial object. This is a genuine iron meteorite that fell from outer space. This fine meteorite was found in 1906 in Sweden. This meteorite is composed of 92% iron and 7% nickel - a fine octahedrite (IVA). This large slice was acid etched to reveal the internal crystaline structure of the meteorite. This is a very unique piece of the history of the universe - what a conversation piece!

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.