Very Nice Jiddat al Harasis 020 Meteorite in Case
Stock Number  NETMET702

Name:    Jiddat al Harasis 020 Meteorite
Age:  Found March 2000
Location:  Jiddat al Harasis, Oman
Size:  Weight - 24.8 grams
Price:  $49.00

This is an excellent specimen of a genuine meteorite, an ancient piece of outer space. This meteorite is the rare Jiddat al Harasis 020 fall. This specimen was found in Jiddat al Harasis, Oman. This meteorite is a Large Chondrite, which is an unusual type. This specimen exhibits fine detail - the heavily shocked meteorite is wonderfully displayed. This is a very unique piece of the history of the universe. (Custom 3.3" X 4.4" mount is included for free.)

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.